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Thank you very much for your time in answering that especially with that thoroughness! (Tbf, I wasn’t expecting the Fleet Captain to answer these kinds of queries!). Though just to be clear it’s not that I see anything wrong with the TSN.

Your advice and indeed prods are taken on board, thanks to conversations with staff stemming from my enquiries I generally only chat IC’ly now during duty shifts (I shall be improving that but my acting skills are none-existent). You’ve already given me a lot to digest. So…

I’ve done various stints with the Obsidian, Bravo and Pegasus fleets (simming :D) my time there was spent getting to know how they worked and one of the things I’ve noticed is that those simming fleets tend to give their ships a lot of independence, where they were challenged to come up with their own stories with task force stories being a little rarer.

From my perspective, usually a ship only gets together during the duty shift but largely follow immediate direction of the Flagship. Do ship captain’s have the independence to take their ships out on ‘independent actions’? If so, I think I might need to go pester a couple captains to see if we can whisk something extra up, (assigned crew willing of course) as I haven’t seen that happen yet.