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Matthew Vaj

Senior officers in general are the right people to talk to about ways to engage in roleplay. Feel free to throw them in this thread. Also link the thread you mentioned.

As for division organization, we have:

Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), currently headed by me.
ONI is subdivided into Intelligence and CIC
Intel are the masterminds behind long-term plotlines.
CIC are people who actually run missions from the Command and Control Deck.

Research and Development (R&D), also currently headed by me.
There are five areas within R&D, for details see

Training Dept, headed by Commander Aramond
Training officers administer exams and work with new officers to help them get up to speed.

Personnel, which doesn’t have a formal head right now, though I anticipate that changing in the near future.
This is mostly just keeping the Central Officer Records up to date.