Reply To: The Bar, 91119-2238

Matthew Vaj

Vaj looks up again, sets down his datapad, and stretches while shaking his head.

I read the summary, but haven’t gotten to the detailed report yet.

He takes a drink and pulls up the report.

Let’s see… reptilian, from a low gravity world, carnivores. Four eyes, that’s a new one for me. A few different types of ships, probably not much of a threat to us. Significant cultural diversity, I’m sure Mundy is having fun going through those records.

Vaj stops and takes another drink, then his datapad beeps. He glances at the notification and starts

I completely forgot, I’ve got a meeting in ten minutes. We’ll chat later about the Ingratus. See you, Xansta!

Vaj gets up and quickly leaves the bar.