Reply To: Cataphract- class Cruiser


After the second week of testing:

It functions well in the fighter suppression role, but in a direct 1:1 comparison, same crew same formations, Lancer was suprisingly capable in the same role, and it’s higher DPS led to easier cleanup afterward. This may be an insolvable problem, in that it may be impossible to be an effective antifighter chassis that isnt directly comparable to either Lancer (beams) or Horizon (Pshocks), or else so powerful that it cleans up fleets as easilly as it cleans up fighters, because fighters are effectively fleets. Overall, the ship had a positive experience from the crew and did not make other ships feel like they were being replaced. It did the job it set out to do. But it isnt “head and shoulders better” than other ships as an anti-fighter vessel.
I may want to make a few quality of life tweaks, but overall, I support it for the mod.