Reply To: Cataphract- class Cruiser


After a bit of expirimental testing, it appears that under engineering settings of 300% beams, 300% shields, 8 coolant to beams, it takes approximately 32 seconds to burn out a beam node, and 34 seconds to burn out a 4th shield node of the appropriate type. (shields will remain at 300% output until the last node is destroyed)

Given that the Cataphract will be fielding massively redundant shield nodes, I reccomend Starry for writing the Engineering Standing Orders for this vessel. We can afford to go into combat with half our nodes offline.

Just did a solo test flight of the Cataphract on Level 4. The ship can take a serious beating, but at least when I’m juggling weapons/helm/engineering without knowing shield frequencies, it doesnt kill an entire krailen group in one engagement without torps.
it does have the tools to deal with torgoth reinforced battlegroups. And the one carrier i encountered, I disabled the fighters around me but had to evac because a torgoth was about to enter range. They ended up being blown up with the carrier that got mine+pshockked.