Reply To: Scout MkII (Combat Refit)

  <vessel uniqueID="18" side="0" classname="Scout MkII" broadType="player">
    <art     meshfile="dat/artemis-scout.dxs"    diffuseFile="dat/artemis_diffuse.png"
             glowFile="dat/artemis_illum.png"    specularFile="dat/artemis_specular.png" scale="0.2" pushRadius="150"/>
    <internal_data file="dat/TSN/Player/artemis-scoutII.snt"/>
    <!-- Weapons and Shields modified (1/4)-->
    <shields front="12" back="12"/>
    <performance turnrate="0.0064" topspeed="1.0"  shipefficiency="0.1" warpefficiency="0.2" jumpefficiency="1.0"/>
    <beam_port x="0" y="17.8" z="289.0" damage="0.25" playerdamage="2" arcwidth="0.4" cycletime="6.0" range="1000"/>
    <beam_port x="0" y="17.8" z="289.0" damage="0.14" playerdamage="0.6" arcwidth="0.83" cycletime="3" range="500"/>
    <torpedo_tube x="0" y="8.35" z="258.74"/>
    <torpedo_storage type="trp" amount="8"/>  <!-- Homing"-->
    <torpedo_storage type="nuk" amount="0"/>  <!-- LR Nuke-->
    <torpedo_storage type="min" amount="1"/>  <!-- Mine"-->
    <torpedo_storage type="emp" amount="4"/>  <!-- EMP"-->
    <torpedo_storage type="shk" amount="3"/>  <!-- Plasma Shock"-->
    <torpedo_storage type="bea" amount="8"/>  <!-- Beacon"-->
    <torpedo_storage type="pro" amount="10"/>  <!-- Probe"-->
    <torpedo_storage type="tag" amount="8"/>  <!-- Tag"-->
    <engine_port x="0" y="-9.22" z="-300"/>
    <engine_port x="0" y="29.64" z="-300"/>
    <long_desc text="TSN Scout Mk.II^Designed for long-range scouting operations.^1 forward beam. 1 short-range defense beam array.^1 Torpedo tube^Stores for 8 Homing, 1 Mines, 4 EMPs, 3 PShock."/>

Some tweaks – 2 additional EMP and 2 additional PShocks to lend support to other ships in engagements. Reduction to 1 mine increases vulnerability to fighters. Turn rate performance has been reduced for stability. It turns slightly slower than the Nemesis class. Top speed has been increased to emphasise rapid redeployment or evasion. Removed additional torpedo tube to limit ordnance deployment (harder to get homing/pshock combos off). Reduced damage caused by short defensive beams so they are not effective in engagements, other than for drone defense. Shields reduced to increase scout vulnerability. SNT file has also been modified to make it more fragile.

These variations would make it very much a ship for manoeuvring around targets rapidly, and keeping out of intense engagements. Tackling things head on would not be the tactic used, but grabbing enemy fleets attention and holding it for others to attack would be the focus.

One additional modification could be adding a second defensive beam to increase its ability to destroy multiple drones quickly. I could see this ship being used primarily as a support in the Kappa fleet orders.