Reply To: Kharvaach-Class Destroyer


I absolutely love what you’ve done with this. The only factors that jump out at me as items that would inhibit this from being a candidate for a Line vessel would be, well, its comparative inability to hold a line: its want of shield strength and total lack of appropriate drone defense in the form of a beam that fires more than once before lunchtime. As a support and harassment vessel, I think it would be nicely effective.

The mobility, arcs, and engagement philosophy should keep a helmsman happy and engaged. Speaking solely as a Weapons Officer, I worry about your gunner’s boredom with beams that *all* have long cycle times and such a tight leash on ordnance. The engineer, however, would have no shortage of things to do between bracing for an attack run and helping the helm set up for the next pass. I don’t see that this ship’s design significantly affects either of the Science or Comms roles.

For a Delta-1 Attack specialist–officially described as firing on the enemy while avoiding return fire–the beam arcs are not the design I would have chosen; the narrowness and progressive shortness of arc necessarily means that when you fire on the enemy you *will* be taking fire in return, and if acting alone very likely swooping down the lion’s maw rather than merely exposing yourself to its claws. However, beam arcs as shown will certainly lend well to the strafing run approach which we usually see performed, and which you describe as the focus of this model.

At current stage of my thinking (albeit less than an hour, and I am one to obsess for several before making solid decisions) I don’t know if I would recommend the Kharvaach as a mainstay of the 4th Light’s lineup, but I’d be overjoyed to have her as a supporting element.

TL;DR: Great Job! I think I’d have fun with this ship, but as a Weapons Officer I don’t know if I’d want a permanent posting on it.