Reply To: Kharvaach-Class Destroyer

Thomas Avirson

At this point, it requires the following:
Feedback on design intent/execution
Field testing for design iteration
A working texture map (could not figure that out)

The vertical nacelles are intended to be difficult to reach and the rings are subject to hallway damage, but it may be too troublesome in its present stage.
In solo field tests to work on certain vesseldata features, it did very well at punching through shields and into target systems on lighter targets, which was the intent. TTK was consistently higher than Lancer under similar conditions, likely because the longer cycle gave time for targets to repair systems.
The image links didn’t work quite right, but you can right-click and view them in another tab.
The vesseldata is stored in a .txt file under the “Resources” link, which itself contains the .snt, .dxs, and the same images as above.

Even if this concept is rejected, the .dxs and .snt can still be used for other vessels.