Reply To: The Bar, 6119-2237


Matsiyan enters unfastening his uniform jacket and yawning. He orders a small Hjorden ale and pulls up a stool nearby.

Hi Turnez. There wasn’t enough trace material near the lifepods to account for a full wreck. But you’re right, there is no way to know how many pieces she was in when she was moved. I’m suspecting that at least one warp node was functional, otherwise we would not see that ion trail. Worrying. More for them to analyse.

He takes a swallow of ale with weary satisfaction and looks over the datapad.
That signal does give me an itch and yet it doesn’t look exactly like anything I can recall.

Edwards and Jemel are happy about the freighter we brought in. She’s not too damaged and there is a bunch of industrial equipment aboard. Now they’ve completed the heavy ordnance safety tune-ups, they seemed very eager to see the inside of anything they haven’t already counted every seam of.