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Rodger Wilcon

Wilcon stands up in one corner of a room, preparing to speak

As we were traveling rimward from the previous location of the Hjorden gate, there was a large force of Rumarians that were following us, although many had been completely deterred or destroyed. One major problem I see is that we don’t know what the Rumarians are truly capable of, especially in the realms of communication, science, and technology. It is possible that the Rumarians have a communication system that we can not detect, and as such the fleet sent to chase us away, as it were, may have been continually communicating our actions to their form of central command, of course that information may have also been directly relayed from the ships that were willing to surrender.

In any case it would be reasonable to presume that the Rumarians know we are in the sectors rimward of our previous base. A reasonable action would likely be to move trailing, coreward, and then spinward to position ourselves in the opposite direction of where we were headed at last Rumarian sighting, coreward relative to the previous positioning of the jump point. If the Hjorden fleet that was unable to make it through the gate in time includes some of the mining and/or production facilities that were with the initial fleet, then it is possible that we could home-brew our own armaments with the materials in the sector, of course if that is actually possible would be at the knowledge and specialization of the engineering, and science teams of the 4LD and Hjorden fleet.

Wilcon sits down and waits for the next person to speak