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Ensign Raiden supplemental log
Acting Helmsman TSN Sabre
Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
Stardate: 131018-2341

And I was so proud of us for handling the mission so well!

All my maneuvers felt spot-on that day, the ship purred like a persian cat under my fingers, almost like anticipating my every intention before I touched the console. (Lt.Sr. Graybeard surely knows how to run a fine ship!)

And then my overconfidence got the best of me. Last thing I remember is turning in into the swarm of Rumarians for a combat sweep. Was it Delta 1? Must have been a delta 1 but I don’t recall exactly. And then I woke up in the cargo hold of TSN Horizon in a lifepod.

God that doctor on Outpost 91 sure was creepy, but hey I ain’t one to say no to a Mimosa treatment style. Just next time I prefer to have one in the officer galley and not in the sickbay.

Ah well, I’m now scheduled for a batch of simulations as retraining. Don’t think I will be in a combat duty any time soon. Or?