Reply To: Interested in joining

Rodger Wilcon

Hello Mr. Seldon,

The TSN group is still very active, even though activity on the forums has declined recently. We meet every Saturday for a ‘Duty Shift’ that starts at 2000 UTC and ends around 2400 UTC. We use a slightly modified version of Artemis, which can be found above under the TSN Expansion tab, and contact each other through a Team Speak 3 server under the adress of, with no password. You would likely be put through the enlistment process before the shift, and it would likely be a good idea to be on the team speak server half an hour early for your first ‘Duty Shift’, the Enlistment Form can be found here.

Before your first shift I would also suggest going on to the TSN Data Network and look through the 4th Division library; most prominently the Academy Documents for different stations you might be interested in opperating, and Mission Protocols and Procedures, as well as the Officer’s Handbook and Code of Conduct, found under Reference Documents.

I hope you will be able to join us some time!