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Zac Turnez

Leading his team onto the asteroid, Turnez scans the terrain ahead. Low, jagged rocks litter the crater where the transport dropped them. No more than 200m ahead is the edge, a slope leading gently to it before terminating at the base of a steep, rocky step several metres high. The shuttle behind them takes of swiftly as soon as all the marines are offloaded, and disappears silently into the darkness.

Taking a knee, Turnez scans the rim of the crater looking for an exit point from the crater.

Does Turnez see an easy way out of the crater?
AR – Average; DR – Average; Roll – 40; Result – Yes

Over there…Turnez points to a break in the rocky step where a gradual slope leads from the crater. Looks like the easiest way out.

Sam, do you have a fix on our location? We need to figure out where we can enter this research base.