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Xavier listens carefully, mulling over each point in his mind.

Based on what we know, we can’t risk an attack on Fenring. A light division like ours is simply going to be no match for massed ISN forces and a fortress base. With Mundy’s connections to high level officials in the ISN in this universe, it might afford her some protection for the time being.

Sighing, Xavier leans forward in his seat.

We cannot rescue Mundy at this time. We just don’t have the capability to do so. But I will not leave an officer behind. We will rescue Mundy as soon as we are able.

Hamilton took off to find the TSN and find help that way. We need to follow her. If we can find allies in the TSN and gather support, we’ll stand a better chance orchestrating and successfully carrying out a raid on Fenring.

Matsiyan, do what you can to monitor Mundy’s situation. Try and make sure she knows we will be coming for her, but for the time being she needs to sit tight and wait. If her situation deteriorates, we need to know as soon as possible to be able to act though. In the meantime, we’ll make way for Waypoint 60. From there, we’ll try and navigate through to Hjorden space. That seems to be the closest neutral point outside of ISN space.

Lets get as much information as we can on where Hamilton went. If we can contact her and link up with any TSN she has met, then we will.