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Morlock checks his notes

From what i can tell, the Ixoran system has a main sequence star and 8 planets in its orbit. Ixora 5-7 are in the Goldilocks area and support most of their life. they do have colonies on the other planets, but those require support form the prime world, which is said to be Ixora 7. Nantek is a rogue planetoid – really its a very large asteroid that was in the area – that has been positioned on the outskirts of that system, in a somewhat stable orbit.

According to the last broadcast, they have a shield powered by the Cascade, and that somehow surrounds the entire star system, and they open it briefly to take in refugees.

Positioned in the empire at large… That i do not know. From what i can tell from analyzing the transmissions it is most likely on the outskirts of the empire, and the best route to its general area would be through heavily protected space. I don’t think this would be the best option, considering we don’t have any exact coordinates or cloak tech to sneak us through.

We could go to the imperial border and then skirt along there until we reach it, but that would take longer than is plausible in this situation.