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I pulled every scrap of intel out of INI and routine ISN channels before Hall and I left. Its currency will decay rapidly.

Mundy was transferred separately because her Aunt, Admiral Lady Mundy pulled some serious strings. They were treating her with kid gloves in case they got their knuckles rapped. They could afford to while they had the rest of the SOs, but now she’s all they have. I would be surprised if they don’t interpret the Hjocoa samples the Lt. Cdr. held for analysis from the smuggling op. as possession and charge her purely as a formality.

We don’t talk about this much in public, but it isn’t exactly a secret that the Lt. Cdr. and I share some kind of extra-sensory exchange of perceptions. Under certain circumstances we are able to exchange information, usually brief flashes of visual input. I’m not receiving much at the moment but it is consistent with shipboard stateroom and now very dull interiors.

Intel also corroborates that an admiralty fast passenger transport, essentially a diplomatic courier, made the trip from ATLCMD to Fenring.

The other thing I picked up is an ongoing cat-and-mouse game over the last few months of heightened vigilance against Dissident infiltration of the Fenring facility. No real way to know who is ahead at the moment.