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“We have three primary objectives remaining: Retrieving Lt. Cdr. Mundy, retrieving the AWOL cadet, and getting home. I believe that order to be the most efficient, all other things being equal. Having Oblivion’s XO, let alone a highly skilled officer in her own right, back with the fleet is of more use than someone who is just going to spend time in a brig but we need both if we’re to get everyone home.

“I believe I am already on record as to my belief with regards to our ethical and moral imperatives sir, so I will avoid rehashing them unless you think it necessary. Suffice it to say that I think we have no justification to undertake regime change or wage war against the ISN, nor lend our support to this universe’s TSN. We may act in defense of civilians in particular and specific instances but we may not be an aggressor. To that end, we had a few intel leads to run down but having Lt. Cdr. Mundy would likely assist in that effort. If memory serves, she was reactive to our universe’s artifacts. She may well be reactive to artifacts in this universe as well and those artifacts may have a similar effect to pull us back home.”