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Harriet Hamilton

// I changed my mind. Brief explanation.

All right, Cadet Hamilton of TSN Sabre, Lt. Cmdr. Mundy looks at her, sounding resigned. We’ll accept your preposterous story, for now, and act as it it were true. You shall remain under surveillance, of course. But we’ll allow you to contact your officers, and we’ll keep an eye on their actions, too. If you’re telling the truth, it might explain 4th Hunter’s recent behaviour.
He shakes his head, and adds,
It says a lot about a culture, when the best explanation for not destroying civilian habitats is that the people involved came from a different universe…

Parra hesitates a moment, then adds, And, Sir? This may sound strange… this universe’s Capt. Verok and Lt. Parra joined the TSN after defecting from the ISN, correct? We only know that from looking at our records, but…

But what now, Parra? Lt. Cmdr. Mundy braces himself for more bad news.

But, Sir, I think they didn’t really defect. They were actually spies. The Captain and I received transmissions from sources we couldn’t identify. We didn’t like the sound of those orders, so we disabled the comms equipment. He concludes, with pride, They haven’t been getting any intel from us.

Now you tell me? Lt. Cmdr. Mundy is having trouble remaining calm. We could have used that to feed the ISN disinformation!

But Sir, how would it have looked… Parra tries to interject.

You people really must be from a different universe, Lt. Cmdr. Mundy concedes, you have no sense of political intrigue. Do you still have that covert comms equipment? Take it to Lopez in Engineering, let’s see if we can get it working again, and how we can put it to use.