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When it came her turn to present, Nhaima pulled control for the central display to her console and began uploading images from her pad. First was a graphical representation of the Spinward Marches, second was a list of vessels which paged through one at a time to display more detailed information, configuration data, and hull silhouette.

“In searching local shipping data and traffic patterns, several candidates emerged whose flight plans appeared to be less than genuine. I can go into further detail if you wish, Lieutenant-Senior, but in summary the profiles were generated based on seemingly falsified or incomplete flight plans, missing docking registries, and inconsistencies in cargo manifest for what should be otherwise legitimate ships. As for vessel specifics, there are several markers in sensor readings, EM emissions, drive characteristics, etc. which indicate a likelihood that these are actually a small number of ships maintaining a charade, to present as military or civilian traffic. I believe Lieutenant-Junior Ironclad also has a report utilizing this data as you requested.

“There is a second distinct class of traffic which fell out of our analysis,” she said, tapping her pad again to shift the list of vessels to another collection of vessels, this time with less data enrichment, “These contacts do not correlate with the profile we created for Azure Legion, nor are they regular military. Certainly not 1BATCOM, due to differences in vessel characteristics, though they were broadcasting an ISN IFF originating from 1BATCOM. Specifically Interrogator and Conscience of the Remorseless, though the data currently supports no conclusions as to the significance of the faked IDs belonging to these particular ships. This second class of contacts have been primarily distributed in the Volantis system and in the area between Atlantis and Arietis systems.

“Finally, we have identified a number of sensor contacts which are highly probable to be lone vessels operated by the Azure Legion or Imperial Navy Intelligence which could be used to generate further intelligence. The best of these seem to be on deep patrol between the Atlantis system and Waypoint 60 and into the Arietis system.”

Alia glanced down at her pad and transferred display control back to Quinn for him to peruse the information.

“Do you have any further questions about this information, sir? Otherwise, I will continue with the rest of my briefing.”

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