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That should do just as well, Tam. Verify it’s security, then send the reply “Confirm last transmission: senior officers in Atlantis system. Further details requested.” Hopefully she’s got them for us. Otherwise we’ll have to go fishing.

As for the admiral, you seem to have a better grasp on the finer points of imperial etiquette, perhaps you aught to handle it. We simply want to alert her to the situation: “You might be interested to know,” that sort of thing. We don’t know her relation to Subkommandant Mundy in this universe, so I don’t want to push to hard if it turns out they don’t get along.

He begins to turn away but remembers something

Oh and I got a message from Earth Corporation asking about Kommandant Matsiyan, isn’t he some kind of corporate royalty? Perhaps they’ll also be inclined to make a stink if I tell them he’s been detained. What do you think, subaltern?