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Harriet Hamilton

Lt. Cmdr. Mundy looks non-plussed.

Parra, what are you blathering on about?

Sir, that bout of Arvonian flu I had a while ago? And Capt. Verok? Neither of us had Arvonian flu. We were trying to understand what was happening. It was when the switch happened. We were in the Poseidon Rift with 4th Light and TSN Grant, we came across the Caltron formations as the science ships brought the Forerunner Artefacts together… and then we were here.

Parra, if this is some sort of joke, I swear…

Not a joke, Sir. Capt. Verok and I were wondering if we were going mad, and trying to act as everyone was expecting us to. We had no idea where the rest of 4LD were. But now the Cadet is here, and says she knows.