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All right, I’ll adjourn this meeting and let you all get to work. To recap:

  • Nhaima, you’ll continue to pursue intelligence from the ISN angle, so we’ll have other options than the TSN if we need them.
  • Tam, this message from Hamilton is the top priority, but you’re to pursue any other TSN leads that occur to you.
  • Ironclad, you’re focused on the Atlantis sector- where could this base potentially be, where could we expect ISN forces to come from if things go south, and where could we retreat to afterwards.
  • Song, you’re on the underworld element working with Rakaydos trying to identify safe harbors.

The four of you are authorized to pull help from other officers if you need it. For the rest of you, if you haven’t got duties right now and you think you can contribute, approach one of those four officers.

Finally, I can’t stress enough the need for secrecy. Whenever possible, try to keep to our ships where we have a little more control over security.


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