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“Thinking that there is only ISN and TSN is a false choice, and I maintain my oath by refusing to aid the ISN in immoral actions. That oath does not require me to intervene in every situation I think is wrong with lethal force, because that also means that another who had sworn a similar oath with different values – the Arvonians for example probably regard everyone on the Horizon as immoral beings because we make casual use of guided ordnance and they regard any artificial intelligence as worthy of moral consideration.

To shift our imperative from defending those around us who cannot defend themselves (as needed and on a case-by-base basis) to stopping an organization we have extra-judiciously and without authorization of war from the USFP decided is evil and must be destroyed is the pivot from defense to offense, and the concession of our agency and worthiness of moral consideration.”

Nhaima sighed and rubbed at her temple for a second before placing her hand palm up on the conference table.

“Look, I’ve never admitted this to anyone here before but…. I mean, I was arrested once by our TSN. For carrying out my,” she said, scoffing slightly at herself, “private little war… against the Kraliens. And I was given a choice, to either join the TSN or cool my heels in a brig for quite a few months. So I’m here. But if choosing to fight against a government we were already in conflict with in our universe wasn’t alright, then why is fighting against one we’re not in a universe that isn’t ours suddenly justifiable? Seems an awful lot like wanting to have our cake and eat it to. To be heroes? Rather than doing our duty and getting our people home safely.”