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I, for one, don’t give a damn about the politics of this universe. What I do care about is getting our people back, getting back home to our own universe, and protecting people as much as we can along the way.

Intendant Nhaima, I believe it is inevitable that the ISN will find out about the possibility of transferring to another universe, especially if our return to our universe also returns them to theirs. Surely they will report their own journey to the ISN. I believe a better course of action in that case is to do everything we can to prevent the ISN from learning how this transfer occurred.

Regardless of picking sides, or which side to pick, I believe the purpose of this meeting was to determine ways to find our Senior Officers, and the Midshipman if possible.

Someone mentioned Admiral Mundy. There are probably other officers who have connections elsewhere that we might be able to take advantage of. I suggest we all start to reach out to potential assets each of us may have in this universe.