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“The ISN may have quite a few detention facilities, but the Azure Legion would have far fewer. As an independent organization, particularly a secretive one, operating fewer quality installations would be preferable. If something requires more attention than Navy Security, then escalating it to the Legion is sensible.”

She then turned her attention to Turnez and shrugged.

“They’ve sent us to reconquer entire sectors and reclaim command bases. We file flush requisitions, but solid ones. We’ve been running ourselves ragged trying to keep up with our assignments. It’s already cost us one Invictus. Let them question it, and maybe we don’t get everything we ask for. But of all the charades we’ve tried to pull, this is undoubtedly the least risky since its already grounded in the job they want us to do.”

Her eyes flicked down to the conference table top thoughtfully, then back up to Quinn.

“With regards to Cadet Hamilton, she should be recovered if possible – just like the Senior Officers. But she’s also abandoned her post in an emergency situation and should be treated as such once she is apprehended. And I think that is all the discussion her case requires at the moment.”