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Adele Mundy

Personal Log, supplemental.

I suppose that mint tea may of yours may have some beneficial effects after all. After several hours in the fencing sim, and a heat wrap, I may be approaching coherence. I really wanted a hot bath, but I’m not sure even your careless attitude to moneyed privilege would be able to secure that, on a Naval station.

And I really wanted Hjocoa. Which is out of the question, of course. Though, now that I think of it, getting hold of smuggled Hjocoa and getting caught would be an excellent way to wreck your career. Yes, I am seriously thinking of ways to wreck your career, before I turn into a murderous monster.

Too late.

Awards, Void-dammit. Awards for destroying TSN ships, and we went ahead and destroyed TSN ships.

May the Void swallow us all.

[end log]