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“Relentless’ EW package should have scrambled all the sensor logs, at least as reported for intent Commander. As to the civilian pogrom, as best I know it was ordered by Group Leader Petrov himself, not from higher command. We can monitor the system remotely and hope that the civilians have begun an evacuation, but those types of requests would not be allowed within quarantine protocols particularly since data for the relevant system would come from a civilian dataflow – not a military one. Unless we are prepared to escalate this conflict far earlier than we are ready and to a much wider scale than we currently have the materiel support to wage, then I recommend we content ourselves with having given the civilians in that sector the ability to get their families and possessions and get out. They’re on space stations, relatively fixed points. It would be foolhardy to think we can defend them ad infinitum without more resources and accepting exposure.”

Nhaima shifted in her seat, unbuttoning her uniform jacket to better relax herself, and she rather innocently pulled the flap open and over the ISN insignia.