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Nhaima tapped on her console and brought up a small list to be broadcast to the rest of the virtual conference hall.

The facts we cannot really change:
A station blew up.
The 3rd HG blew up.
We did not blow up.
That sector of space would also show significant radiation from nuclear detonations.

Intendent Beaumont had also mentioned the comms traffic before we began jamming the sector.

I favor the following so far: Sorcha station boarded the ISN ships and took some of them over, then detonated a bunch of other mines – killing some others – while releasing the virus. Once we had the virus beaten back enough to retake control of our vessels, we hunted down and executed the captured ships. In the time it took us to eliminate the rogue elements of the 3rd HG, the remaining civilian targets boarded any vessel or escape pod they had and fled the sector. Since we are not petulant children though, we boarded and eliminated the stations’ survivors who did not or were stupid enough not to evacuate but preserved the hardware because it would cost time, effort,
and credits to repair and replace them all.