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Donovan hesitantly enters the mess hall and nervously glances around until he finds familiar faces. Somewhat paranoid, he makes a circuitous route – checking out the menu of the day, dispensing a large mug of coffee, staring out the porthole – before he finally approaches.

“Nhaima. Is that… is that you? I mean… are you… _you_? I’m just not sure about anything – it’s like everything here is familiar, but just a bit off. Have you noticed that? The stellar cartography charts look the same, but there’s something even there that puts me on edge. Even looking at the stars… there’s… just… You know? Tell me you know what I’m talking about and that this isn’t just a new neurosis.”

Sips his coffee…

“Ugh! Well that hasn’t really changed!”

Noticing the senior officers present, “Sir, Ma’am. I didn’t mean to interrupt.”