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No, Kaluf, those plasma injectors are right at the limit of spec. now. When we left Promethean they were exactly nominal. The chief was right to condemn them. They already used their spare set on Grant’s own shuttle. But the chief promised me he has prioritized them for the Foundry. They should be remanufactured in about four hours and through the calibration cycles in another three. So tell Polano to stand down as well. We’ve all put in a full shift already so we’ll bunk here rather than tying up shuttle capacity to get back to Viper… er, Invictus. See you later.

A rumpled and scruffy black coverall with heavy crimson accents and a tucked under collar shuffles Kommandant Matsiyan into the messhall and deposits him in the brief line for service. He emerges with a heavy mug of strong tea and a plate of something draped over a slice of toast on a tray. He glances round for a place to sit.