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Nhaima walked through the corridors, halfway through enjoying a mug of cider which she’d flavored with an extra shot of whisky, when she passed the galley. Noting that the large-ish room was mostly empty, she glanced around for anyone she knew until her eyes landed on the coffee service. Smiling conspiratorially, she stepped over the threshold and picked up one of the menu cards detailing what had been available at evening mess. She placed it against the slightly rounded corner of a table and tore it in two then pulled out a pen and tube of adhesive from her jump suit.

On the smaller piece, she carefully printed ‘Lt. Seniors to be limited to one cup of coffee or hjoacoa per six hour rotation.’ and applied it to the wall above the bin of fresh mugs. Less carefully on the larger sheet, she then scrawled ‘Please tell Lt. Cdr. Matsiyan that I’m not a Caltron. I’m a good coffee pot!’ Another bead of adhesive was applied to this sheet and she wrapped it around the communal french press. She sat back to quickly scan her handiwork then moved to a different area of the galley to innocently read from a datapad, drink, and observe.