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I like the new theme also.

-Moving the “recent topics” to the top isn’t hard. Was there a list of departments in the previously used theme? I can’t remember.
-Recently active officers listed and readily accessible was neat and is missed.
-Being able to easily access a complete list of registered officers is missed.

Regarding achievements, there’s a REALLY neat application someone wrote for NJROTC that automatically sorts your ribbons into a ribbon bar or “fruit salad” based on seniority of the ribbon. It was designed for JROTC cadets in high school, but would be super useful for our purposes. Does anyone know if the achievements plugin has that function?

Here’s the tool I was talking about:

Another thing that I’ve always tried figuring out but wasn’t able to is creating a “central officers record” but integrating it with this site. Certain users could be given authority to assign officers to ships, assignment requests could be made, and every activity is logged and can be integrated into an officer record for each individual officer. Sorta like Spock from the reboot movies, in the first one he’s able to easily reassign Uhura using some personnel management tool on his tablet. I’ve always wanted to be able to do all of that management for our group, but lack the coding expertise.

–Cdr. Brenner