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I have to say that it is those moral dilemma moments, or moments that show the impact of the mechanics on the characters’ lives. And yes they are far between. It would be lovely to create more. This discussion will definitely make me think more about how to do that. Moments that have rocked for me: that discussion about whther to cooperate with the Zolmari. I was going to do it because Mats is a peace and love kind of guy and the situation triggered a thing in his history (a fair trade) and because he was the one talking to Zolmar so he had an obligation to present their side of the argument, but it was fantastic that Nhaima made him realize it was not nearly so cut and dried for others. The fact that he had to work for that justification made it mean a hell of a lot more. The first time we had direct orders to destroy a surrendered vessel on a covert mission. The bridge discussed it and came near to mutiny. I still wish we had. The next time it happened I was not in command not on helm, or weapons or Engineering. I physically could not prevent it. Early on in Engineering, realizing that damcons were dying based on how I placed them and ordered them and that I had to write the letters and I had a discussion about it with the captain. Those are cool. I suggest you imagine what family and friends and colleagues your characters have and then imagine the impact to them of the stories playing out in our missions. What is the impact of the two shipyards we lost today to inhuman automata fueled by unknown powers and motives? Whose kids are being soothed to sleep? Which bored tech or engineer or trader is hoping for new work and opportunities? What does the rescue of today’s kralien defectors mean? To their former commander, to Zolmar, to the N’tani, to Mundy’s brother, to Nhaima?

Try taliking to each other not directly about the events but tangentially about the side effects. The texture gets deeper and it generates stakes for future discussions and opinions.

Crap. I hope neither Kaplan nor Polano were on rotation in yard maintenance!

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