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Torpedoes have a run time of 18 seconds and travel at 100m (times torpedo speed). This is why vanilla torpedoes run 5.4k, since that’s 18*100*3.

I think useful dps breakpoints would be 1km, 2km, and 5km. 1km is the maximum range for most beams, when you would be able to bring beams and missiles to bear. 2km would keep you safe from enemy beams yet be “close enough” to enemies for tactical flexibility, and 5k is the edge of the combat view range.

For purposes of clarity, it looks like you are assuming 300% auto for beam dps comparison. Torpedoes require 15 seconds to load in vanilla, approximately. I don’t remember if this is configurable and if it is whether that is changed in the TSN mod. Homing torpedoes have a base speed of 5 currently in the TSN mod.

I can drill into this further tomorrow, but a single preloaded torpedo has 30 dps at 1km. Counting the time it takes to load, a single torpedo has just under 4 dps between loading and firing at 100% power over 1km and just under 9 dps for 300% power over the same range. Scale appropriately for the other breakpoints.