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It was mentioned on Discord that my previous comment was more adversarial than intended. I wanted to discuss the results of the sim only as a somewhat fresh data point, without judgment, ranking, or any concept of “better than”, that we could use to describe the subject by way of something more tangible than theory. I also read your comment as somewhat accusatory or dismissive, hence why my previous post also was a touch defensive but my reading in no way meant it was intended. I believe it is also worth reiterating that my opinions come from my microcosm at helm where I am largely free to optimize a tactical response while not being responsible for cross-ship communication or overall strategy since those are handled by my CO and XO.

I apologize for any upset I may have caused, and I’d be happy to reiterate that ‘in person’ on Saturday.

And thank you Matsiyan for the sanity check/third party translation. It’s greatly appreciated.