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REPORTER: The ramifications of the loss of Cerberus Command station are still being processed both within the system and across the USFP frontier. Will the peace, or perhaps we should call it the “all-but-war”, remain status quo or tip over into widespread hostilities? Even as I speak, knowing as we do from previous incursions that there is unlikely to be an immediate follow up from the Kralien Hegemony, a major convoy of construction engineering resources is en route to what remains of the station to begin reconstruction. They are accompanied by a large flotilla of destroyers and the TSN Fourth Light Division are assigned as a quick reaction force. They will be assessing whether the station is structurally recoverable and systems can be brought back online or whether a totally new station will be needed. The loss of life has been horrific and it was only the determined action of the Fourth Light Division that saved the populations of other stations in the sector. We are fortunate to have a senior officer from the division here to give us their impressions.

//Response to follow

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