Reply To: Mission 29517-2237

Matthew Vaj

While Matsiyan attempted repairs, Vaj kept an eye out for any potential hostiles while he continued to gather floral samples in the area.

Does he spot any hostile creatures while on guard? AR-Average, DR-Average, Roll-40, Result-Yes.

A large creature similar to a Terran lion spots Vaj as he stood up to pack away a plant sample. Upon hearing its growl, he pulled out his tranq pistol again and took aim.

Heads up, we’ve got movement to the North!

Does he hit the lion? AR-Above Average, DR-Average, Roll-25, Result-Yes.

The dart hit the lion on its flank and quickly caused it to lose consciousness.

Are there any other lions in the immediate vicinity? AR-Average, DR-Average, Roll-22, Result-Yes.

I’m gonna need backup here, there’s more closing on us!

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