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Morlock has put his finger on something that ONI have been discussing in the last week or two. He would have no way of knowing that of course, but this is one of the reasons the three respondents to the thread are all ONI.

Morlock puts a fun new twist on it though and builds on what Fish has done a couple of times before.

ONI have been discussing how to bring the RP story background more to the foreground so people can feel more connected to the story and involved in the missions. We have all experienced that when you are a humble bridge officer on one ship, it is easy to miss or lose track of the wider story. Briefings tend to be a bit too brief sometimes. Hanging out in the Galley online or the Bar in the forums can help. Personal logs help, but they tend to be focused on one facet of the storyline, even though Mundy and I do try to illustrate the storyline as we go.

ONI have produced some internal summaries of the previous shift, but they were really aimed at keeping senior officers aware. I have had a go at drafting a summary of last shift, assuming it can readily be declassified, and the suggestion is that ONI read that out during next shift’s briefing.

The news reports would be a really flavourful alternative, but it would require a bit of dedication to a workflow because, generally speaking the info needs to be timely.
– Shift happens
– Audio logs published
– ONI summary/debrief published
– News bulletin scripted
– Voice acting recorded
– Editing, effects, music etc.
– Uploading for distribution
– Played during briefing (in fact perhaps technically before the briefing)