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Maybe we need a sister card to ‘Commander Zelreich and a crew full of cadets’?

More seriously though, I think you did fine. More than fine. You got assigned to a different ship and had a crew shuffle right before a live mission, when normally the reason we run sims are to get the crew compliments for that day settled together and in their roles. The normal checks and balances failed there.

Your cadets were also on the greener side I think. Nothing wrong with that, not their fault or your’s. No one’s fault, but it is telling that Greybeard had something more important to do than keep the power systems finely tuned. This should be another sign that this situation is “not normal.”

Did your crew have fun? Hopefully.
Did the mission succeed? Yes.
Did your ship die? No.

Assuming the above is correct in order of importance, then you succeeded. I imagine you did better than I would have in your case.

Nicely done Mundy!