Reply To: Mission 29517-2237


“Affirmative Lieutenant, the way ahead is still clear. There’s a dark patch, smaller than the main one we saw from orbit but it still looks like an impact crater, that we should probably skirt around but that’s only going to add about a quarter klick to the route. Eagle-eye has picked up the station… initiating handshake…” she reported, pausing to tap a few keystrokes into the control console on her wrist.

Is the drone able to interface with the monitoring station’s systems? AR: Above Average DR: Low Roll: 54 => Yes

Is everything at the station fine? 1d100 = 71

“Uplink established. I’m getting a bit of signal interference but readings fall between normal tolerances. Falling out to re-establish the forward picket line. And that’s understood Commander, thanks again.”

Nhaima straightened up, flexed her shoulders slightly, and began heading off at a slight angle to open up distance and start the route around the impact crater.

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