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Nice additions from Wilcon and Vaj. I could speculate endlessly about the technobabble but it is good to leave it somewhat vague in case ONI can use it for future mission planning.

Couple of best practice points.

Please keep all //OOC comments in this thread rather than the mission text thread (Except for the die roll mechanics). It makes it much more fun to read.

Wherever possible I avoid directing the next action to a specific person just in case they become unavailable. You will see my posts being extremely open ended about who could do something next. This is not Matsiyan being unfocused. It is to allow whoever is available and has an idea to jump in. For example any of us could also tap into the drone feed and give feedback assuming Nhaima is focused on direct observation, daling with equipment or in conference with another character, even though it makes most sense for her to jump in.

The one thing to avoid at all costs is asking the senior officer to approve or give orders because no one can then act until they do.