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Perfect! And yes, if Turnez couldn’t get any more data here and now, as he said, it will have to be cross referenced with the full library. Don’t mention that to Mundy. It will only distract her.

I might be jumping to conclusions but, my first guess is that with a much bigger sample, say something the size of a small asteroid, this radiation would cause major havoc with starship systems. This sample isn’t enough to do much on its own. Also, with the sample in the shielded container we should be safe to use the power packs again.

I wonder if this speck is a fragment from one that came down on the far side of this continent? That would explain the reddish colour and the lack of vegetation if the impact was kinetically big enough and the radiation intense enough. The N’tani didn’t report any issues from their survey. Maybe they are familiar with this stuff?

Lt. Turnez only found one local source though. So we should be able to move on to the atmo station if someone can locate a decent route. It will certainly be more interesting than a few hours in the gym!

He grinned, shared out the disconnected power packs and stowed the shielded container in his pack along with the disassembled bits of impromptu drill.

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