Reply To: Mission 29517-2237


Nhaima took up position as an advance skirmisher away from the mission critical equipment and senior officers. Each time they came to a ridge, she would crest it just enough to get a view of the expanse beyond it. She replaced her ruined carbine, opting instead for the other marksman variant like Wilcon had obtained. During their march, she had unloaded the power cell to try and limit the detrimental effects of the energy field… or whatever it was that the commander had deduced. Still, the optics package seemed to be working and that was what she needed it for.

Is there an obvious danger on the way towards the monitoring station? AR: Average, DR: Exceptional result:63 => No.

Once her visual scan was done, she dropped to one knee and shifted her attention more fully to the headset. The surveillance drone wasn’t faring as well. The image clarity had begun to degrade, though it was still more than adequate enough to make out the faces, shapes, rocks, and plants between them. It was only every now and then that she noticed the refresh rate drop, but even then it was only for a moment.

“No contacts nearby Commander, and Eagle-eye has nothing either. We should be good to stop down if you’ve got a lock on those odd readings and we can get the survey underway.”

Her hand twitched lightly as she shifted just the wrong way, bringing her singed palm in contact with the textured grip of her pulser. She shook her hand, twitched her fingers to wake them up, and then replaced her finger along the outside of the trigger guard.