Reply To: Mission 29517-2237


Is the radiation a significant biohazard for humans? AR – (Low otherwise biology would be out of whack on the planet and basic surveys would have reported) DR – Average, Roll – 81, Result – No

Matsiyan mumbled as he walked, quasi-subvocalizing instructions to the datapad he glanced at occasionally and tapped. Finally he sighed.

It is not particularly dangerous directly to biological tissue. It really does seem to be tiny hyperintense EMP bubbles very sparsely spread. Very little damage to living tissue. Maybe a very slightly higher mutation and cancer rate. Shielding buildings would reduce a lot of it. The math makes it look as if the vast majority come apart and attenuate in the field of a shield.

Power circuits are the opposite though, they are extremely likely to concentrate EM energy flows into a kind of hypervortex that dissipates its energy as heat in a very small radius. Hence the meltdowns. At this density, moderate shielding will reduce that to a very slightly worse MTBF for powered circuits.

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