Reply To: Mission 29517-2237


Nhaima eased herself up and towards the port-side lip of the shuttle’s dorsal skin. Dangling her legs over the slide, she slipped down the sloping side. Cushioning her landing, she stepped back through the door and gathered her pack gingerly back into her shoulders while taking care to avoid actually picking it up with the palms of her hands. She keyed for the surveillance drone once again from the storage locker and set it down on the ramp from the aft airlock. Her gaze turned to her wrist while she paired her electronics with the drone. After a few minutes to run through the preflight checklist, she spun its engines into life and let it hover in the air while she cleared away from the shuttle. With a few more tapped commands the drone lifted into the sky until it settled at a cruising altitude above the, a silvery speck if you knew to look for it. She then slipped a headset around her ears, dropping a nearly transparent lens into place over her left eye, and nodded to Matsiyan and Zelreich.

“I’m alright, sirs. Eagle-eye is broadcasting loud and clear and shuttle signals ready for dustoff when we are.”