Reply To: Mission 29517-2237

Rodger Wilcon

Wilcon appears from the treeline, as if out of the pocket dimension that he seems to disappear into every once in a while, seeming pleased with his uneventful patrol of the surrounding area. But as he sees the chaos around the shuttle becomes unnerved and starts bouncing around in embarrassment.

What happened? Were you guys communicating over the headsets? Is everyone ok? What Happned?

Is Wilcon’s headset operating correctly?
AR-Average, DR-Average, Roll-75, Result-No

Wilcon opens up his headset and starts poking around inside.

Is the inner wiring of the headset broken?
AR-Average, DR-Average, Roll-49, Result-Very slightly

Mat, could you take a look at this headset while I get another. And while I’m thinking about it, we should all probably do a full equipment check.