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I think the best bet with posts is to focus on the environment around us and assist other characters where needed. For example, if Nhaima assessed her own condition and it comes up with a serious burn, we can use that to then move to help stablise her with a med-kit. Something I could do is add a chapter to the rule set to explain how to handle wounds and healing characters. There is a system in Mythic that I have read through that would suit.

Also there might need to be more detail about combat so it makes it clear if we come across an alien that really does engage in combat. For the time being, we have avoided extended combat, but having something to deal with combat like we have had in the past could be useful. Again, Mythic has details on this, so I will look at using that to draft something up. Basically, I am taking the system and simplifying/tweaking it to our needs.