Reply To: Mission 29517-2237


At the call for trouble, Nhaima shrugged out of her webbing and stowed the surveillance drone back in it’s locker while she reached for a pulse carbine. She keyed for the dorsal hatch to open and quickly shot up the ladder. She cast her eyes quickly around the area surrounding them, ignoring anything other than the sight of TSN uniforms and movement that might cause a threat. She then turned towards the rear of the ship and lay down along the top. She cycled her weapon to select fire, propped the fore of the weapon up, and pulled the stock close into her shoulder.

“Commander, on overwatch,” she replied, her efforts speeding her words while she tried to settle into the cool she tried to maintain in combat.

“Ready to fire,” she called out, steadier than before. She sighted on her target, adjusted behind the gun again, and began to control her breathing. When the creature readied itself for another charge, Nhaima fidgeted again.

Assuming it’s required, does Nhaima’s shot kill the creature? DR: Average, AR: High. Result: 96 => critical failure

Nhaima exhaled and pushed her thumb forward, activating the weapon to warm it up in case she needed to fire or was ordered to.

“Gun hot, overwatch clear t-“ she called again before breaking off. She looked down as her weapon began to whine slightly. She saw it flash slightly and her throat tightened. It flashed again, and then the reaction chamber glowed red and began to melt down. The air filled with noxious fumes and the smell of melting metal. She coughed slightly over the intercom and tossed the weapon over the side of the ship.

“Overwatch is down,” she said more quietly this time, her voice almost hissing and clearly pained, “I repeat overwatch is down”