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Vaj, not that it changes the outcome but just for reference I would have rated your question differently. I would have made the AR Above Average because you are Confident with Weapons. I would have made the DR also Above Average because the thing is mid sized but moving fast.

Now that we are hugging the shuttle and obviously aware of it, I wonder if it will prsss the attack or give up and go after something easier, like those impala perhaps.

My idea for the thing is that it stays by the edge of the uplands to get easily airborne and to use thermals to rise. It is vulture like but has a stinger to encourage prey to the appropriate condition. A group of these could take down even that huge mammal we met on the first trip, the one that liked Blaze. I propose that if we look it up, we will find the N’tani have alrady named these “Wi’itikin”. I had not planned it but I suppose they are rather like wyverns.