Reply To: Mission 29517-2237


Matsiyan helps organize and double check final pack loads and heads down the ramp with the rest. He slips around to the front of the shuttle and scans the small remaining arc not visible to Wilcon and Turnez

Are there any lifeforms within visual range of the shuttle’s ramp? AR = Below Average(smaller area); DR = Average; Roll = 25; Result = Yes

Are the lifeforms presenting a threat to the team? AR = Average; DR = Average; Roll = 9; Result = Exceptional Yes

Looking forward from the nose of the shuttle, Matsiyan scans the last of the flat ground and the beginning of the rocky rise that is the first outcrop of the foothills leading up to the location of the Atmospheric Monitoring Station.

A flicker like a rolling stone some distance ahead suddenly resolves into a lightning-fast dark shape skimming towards the shuttle just above head height, leathery wings spread two meters wide and a wickedly pointed stinger curving forward below it.

Look out upslope! he shouts diving back towards the nose of the shuttle.